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opening video…

There’s a new technology that lets people invisibly and effortlessly stream tiny payments as they visit your website or watch your films. Web Monetization could redecentralize the web, and transform funding for online media. It’s why we’re building an Open Video Tech community, and launching three new open source projects…

profit share & deferrals for the age of micropayments

Share the wealth, automatically

A suite of tools to split income automatically with your team, cast & crew, investors, debtors, favourite charities, climate protectors, publicists, cat stylist, whoever. Paid out in whatever order you decide, whenever you decide, pro-rata or parri passu – in a machine-readble syntax that can be hashed for payee protection. Read initial blog.


a proof-of-concept app for decentralised video metadata

DNS for video?

mova is a desktop app (Mac, Windows & Linux) currently being tested, that generates the open source ISCC fingerprint format from your videos. Change the video – resize it, compress it, adjust the colour – and it’ll generate a similar ISCC code.

You can then use mova to publish fingerprints for your videos with license and payment info on a protoype shared public ledger. Join our mailing list to learn when we open up the Beta test programme more widely.

a new testbed Peertube instance for Creative Commons video

the Future is Federated?

An ActivityPub/PeerTube instance for Creative Commons films. This means you can subscribe to channels and users in any Activity Pub application (currently several thousand). We’ll link films with their payment wallets whenever possible, and integrate with mova and RevenueShare where it makes sense.
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A new space for Open Video

Open Video Tech has a non-profit mission to improve access to –and sustainability of– good video online.

But without a community we’re nothing.

Emissions, water, resources & land

Online video’s climate impact

It’s not just that around 2% of the world’s carbon emissions seem to be from the web (more than flying), it’s that this is growing fast – and could be 8% within a decade. Online video can’t ignore this.