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About us

Open Video Tech is a new group developing projects exploring Open Video.

Our founding community are the people who helped create our initial projects: Mova, & To get involved, say hello on our Mattermost chat server, checkout our Gitlab/Github, follow us on Twittersign up to our mailing list or send us a message.

Titusz Pan photo

Rich Lott


Rich stitches together open source technologies to help campaigns, charities and communities communicate beautifully. They are a big contributor to the core CiviCRM project as well as developing dozens of popular extensions.

Titusz Pan photo

Titusz Pan


Titusz Pan is an entrepreneur and open-source developer. He is the inventor and architect of the International Standard Content Code. As co-founder and CEO of Craft AG, he has been developing media technology projects and incubations since the year 2000.

Silvia Schmidt photo

Silvia Schmidt

UK / Germany

Is a film finance and media lawyer, as well as an award-winning filmmaker.

Connor Turland photo

Connor Turland


Is co-founder of Sprillow – a Canadian design and development studio for distributed systems software applications. He has over 10 years experience developing, maintaining and supporting Open Source projects including, Hylo, secure scuttlebutt, the Rapid Sensemaking Framework, Holochain, and a leading Holochain application “Acorn”.

Pegah Vaezi photo

Pegah Vaezi


Co-founder of Sprillow and a transdisciplinary designer. Her Masters thesis, “What do we mean when we say content moderation: Digital Censorship, Surveillance and Creative Workers” explored ramifications of content moderation online, and won best symposium of the year by NOW magazine in 2019.

Nic WIstreich photo

Nicol Wistreich

UK / Norway

Co-founded Netribution in 1999, wrote Digital Asset Management for Informa and co-wrote the Film Finance Handbook. Is also a front-end designer active in the CiviCRM community, and designed and built & maintains a cross-CMS theme for it.

With many thanks to other contributors Mark Boas, Dave Boyle, Sebastian Posth, Gauthier Rousilhe & Matthew Wire. Thanks especially to our founding funder, Grant for the Web